It's common sense

Protect what you care about.

Because no matter how prepared we feel, life happens. Insurance is not typically a fun topic to discuss. Candidly, you may secretly hope you never need it. Yet protecting what you have achieved and those you love is both smart and prudent. 

We offer life insurance, long term care and disability insurance for our clients. There is a lot to consider when looking at insurance. Since we don't represent just one insurance company we can help you shop and compare before you buy. Ask us how we can help you figure out the next best step. Call us at 650-458-0312 or email us at 

Keep an old policy?

Keep an old policy?

Do you have an old policy you pay on every year?

Not sure if it makes sense to keep it or cancel it?

Before you do anything, get a review. Its free and easy and smart to do. 

Need new coverage?

Need new coverage?

A growing family, worried about paying for care when you are older, protecting income or leaving a legacy? Then it is time to explore covering yourself and protecting your family.  

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