Portfolio Risk & Stress Test

Sometimes surprises are fun...

But not with your investments.

Unpleasant surprises when investing can often derail, delay or even destroy long hoped for financial goals. 

Fear of loss can freeze to inaction. Sudden swings in value can shake even the most confident.

Instead, why not learn about the risk you are taking. Ignoring it may not prove successful.

We offer a way you can compare the risks you think you are taking....with those you actually are.

Of course no investment strategy can prevent all surprises. Yet with a little work, we can help you uncover what kind of risks you are taking....before they catch you off guard. We invite you to take a short online assessment. You will discover your own personal risk number. We will then work with you to determine if your portfolio is where you want it to be for your goals. 

It's free. It's simple. Click on the link below kick off your Risk & Stress Test.

Background: Over the years, we have searched and reviewed many "Risk Tolerance Questionnaire's". If you ever invested with a professional, you probably completed one....well you should have. All too often terms such as “sometimes agree” or “partially disagree” are too vague. Worse, adding technical jargon and industry buzzwords leave many investors even more confused and unsure about the “right answer”.

Instead we use a process built on Prospect Theory, the academic framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics. Prospect Theory is a behavioral economic theory that describes the way people choose between probabilistic alternatives that involve risk. This customized process helps the investor determine their own tolerance for risk by using actual numbers and weighing their own personal reaction to different potential outcomes.