Answers to common questions about working together:

As an independent financial firm, we are free to explore, compare and choose from among multiple financial products companies when looking for ideas, strategies or investments for our clients. Often cited as very important is our ability to shop for what makes the most sense for clients and their needs and goals.

If you have not heard from your advisor in awhile or find yourself having to reach out to your advisor because they rarely call, then we are different. If your advisor has less than 20 years of experience or if your advisor's recommendation is routinely just hold on and hope, then we are different. If your advisor does not offer financial planning in combination with their investment advice. If they do not bring new ideas or are unable to help you with broader financial issues beyond your investments, then we are really quite different.

No. We offer flat fee financial planning and hourly consulting. You can leave everything right where it is today. You can engage with us on your terms, in a way that is aligned with your needs and goals.

Typically, we see $250,000 for investment management. However, we do have flexibility for the right client who may still be growing their wealth. Honestly, we would rather work with a client who we get along with and enjoy who has $100,000 and turn away a client we don't connect with who has $15 million. Working together is about finding the right fit.

We prefer a fee-based model for investment management. Working as a fiduciary under LPL Financial's advisory platform, the cost of service ranges between 0.50% to 1.50% annually. Billed each quarter and printed on your statement, the cost is transparent and based on the value of your account. This means our compensation goes up or down based on the value of your account. This helps align our financial interests with yours. Please visit our Investment Management Service to learn more.

The flat fee cost minimum is $2,500 per plan. Our fee is based on the complexity of your plan. The cost may change depending on the complexity of your needs. You will receive a written summary and proposal before you decide. We also offer project based services which focus on just a one or two topics.Please visit our Financial Planning Service to learn more.

Our hourly service costs $240/hour with a minimum of 2 hours or $480 for our first engagement. Additional hours offered at $240/hour. Hourly consulting is best suited for clients seeking an adhoc, on demand or a financial coaching type service. You will receive and review a written proposal prior to any decision. There are no investments to buy or accounts to open. You just pay for the time and experience you need.

With your approval, we will open an account for you at LPL Financial. Most often LPL Financial will then request a transfer from your current financial firm. This way means there is no need to handle checks or worry about the mail. You dont track it, we do it for you and update you on the progress. In some cases, your current financial firm may require you to complete and submit their form to facilitate the transfer.

For investments held with LPL Financial, you will be able to view your accounts online through LPL Financial's online web portal AccountView. You can access LPL's AccountView through our website or download the LPL AccountView app available for Android, Apple, tablet and desktops. LPL Financial also prepares and sends you statements and related account documents such as 1099 tax forms and confirmations. You can learn more about LPL Financial by visiting www.lpl.com to learn more.

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