Financial Planning

Financial planning is about looking at the road ahead. Is the road ahead clear?

Or is the road ahead signaling a change?

Or is the road ahead signaling a change?

Retirement? Taxes? Down markets? Inheritance? A guide with experience can help you plan and prepare for what may be next.

Avoid simple mistakes - Learn from the mistakes other people have made and how you can avoid them. 

Save time - Use professionals who already know about investments, taxes, insurance and estate planning. Leverage their knowledge for your gain.

See what you can't see. Money makes us emotional. When we have it, we tend to be happier; when we don't...not so much. A third party with a different perspective may help you see things you can't and show you different ideas on how you can do better.

How does it work?

How does it work?

We follow a straight forward process. We start by listening. Then following a six step process we help you build a personalized financial plan based on your situation and goals. 

A broad financial plan typically includes retirement, investments, taxes, insurance, education and estate planning. 

Don't need all that? We can focus on select topics most important to you and your future.

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What does it cost?

What does it cost?

Comprehensive Plan

Flat fee minimum is $2,400.

Chosen most often, our Comprehensive Plan is best suited for those seeking to address multiple and perhaps competing goals. If your financial position requires advanced planning, we may update our fee to reflect the additional time. You will receive a written proposal prior to any agreement to move forward.

Project Plan

Flat fee minimum is $1,200.

Designed for a focused planning engagement at a lower cost, our Project Planning focuses on just one area. You will receive a written proposal prior to any agreement to move forward.

Financial planning topics:

Financial Position

  • Alignment of goals, money and values. 
  • Current wealth & how to address future needs.
  • Cash flow & net worth.
  • Emergency reserves & savings.
  • Use of debt intelligently. 


  • Social security strategy comparison.
  • Income planning & pension timing.
  • 401k, 403b, IRA, Roth IRA account withdrawals.
  • Creating income for retirement and protecting against inflation. 
  • Retirement timelines with co-client continuation planning. 


  • Investment risk and portfolio analysis.
  • Personalized asset allocation & diversification plan.
  • Investment expense & performance comparison.
  • Portfolio stress test against potential market and economic events.

Tax Planning

  • Tax wise investment selection, location & account type.
  • Tax aware portfolio and trading strategies.
  • Planned based employer stock option strategies. 
  • Inheritance, beneficiaries and asset titling.


  • Care for dependents at premature death.
  • Income & lifestyle protection for disability.
  • Protect retirement savings from long term care event.
  • Review of current insurance policies. 


  • Creating a legacy; gifting to family and charity.
  • Ensuring trusted control during times of limited capacity.
  • Managing court costs, fees and taxes at death. 
  • Smooth distribution of wealth at death.

Someone is sitting in the shade today,

because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

- Warren Buffett.

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