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Wondering about the road ahead? Are you going the right way?

Avoid money mistakes & problems

Avoid money mistakes & problems

Money problems strain families; create stress in relationships. Getting from where you are today to where you want to be is a lot harder if you stumble from one problem to the next with only vague goals and an unclear path to guide you.

Money mistakes can be hard to undo and have a way of adding to our doubts and worries of failing again. Regret about missed opportunities may prompt hasty choices or frustrated acceptance. 

Give yourself a better chance to get what you deserve by creating a personal financial plan. Knowing when you have enough to retire or how to best handle the next financial hurdle is very difficult without a plan and strategy. 

Have a plan, but no strategy? Failure awaits.

Have a plan, but no strategy? Failure awaits.

Imagine you plan a long road trip. You meticulously plan out the route, detailing each turn and rest stop along the way. Your well-thought-out plan covers all the details. 

Following your plan diligently, you soon discover a focus on specific turns and stops with little consideration for the bigger picture has left you with no strategy to deal with an accident, bad weather, or a flat tire.

No one plans being laid off before they are ready, illness or large stock market declines. Few anticipate divorce, tax law changes or needing to financially help adult children. Suddenly the most well thought out plan starts to become a source of frustration and disappointment.

Get ahead with a comprehensive plan

Get ahead with a comprehensive plan

Our most sought-after option, the Comprehensive Financial Plan, best suits individuals with multiple goals. Personal planning will help uncover if your goals are in conflict and how to get them working together. Explore smarter financial strategies to ease the impact of the unexpected and even stress test your plan for failure.

A few highlights of what you can expect:

  • A written summary containing tailored recommendations.
  • Personalized reminders to help you execute your plan.
  • Use of powerful planning tools to explore various "What if" scenarios.
  • A free one-year look back and plan update if requested.

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Someone is sitting in the shade today,

because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

- Warren Buffett.

Common Financial Planning Topics:

Financial Position

  • Alignment of goals, money and values. 
  • Current wealth & how to address future needs.
  • Cash flow & net worth.
  • Emergency reserves & savings.
  • Use of debt intelligently. 


  • Social security strategy comparison.
  • Income planning & pension timing.
  • 401k, 403b, IRA, Roth IRA account withdrawals.
  • Creating income for retirement and protecting against inflation. 
  • Retirement timelines with co-client continuation planning. 


  • Investment risk and portfolio analysis.
  • Personalized asset allocation & diversification plan.
  • Investment expense & performance comparison.
  • Portfolio stress test against potential market and economic events.

Tax Planning

  • Tax wise investment selection, location & account type.
  • Tax aware portfolio and trading strategies.
  • Planned based employer stock option strategies. 
  • Inheritance, beneficiaries and asset titling.


  • Care for dependents at premature death.
  • Income & lifestyle protection for disability.
  • Protect retirement savings from long term care event.
  • Review of current insurance policies. 


  • Creating a legacy; gifting to family and charity.
  • Ensuring trusted control during times of limited capacity.
  • Managing court costs, fees and taxes at death. 
  • Smooth distribution of wealth at death.

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