Financial Planning

If a Chef follows a recipe and a Teacher has a lesson plan and a Builder use a blueprint, then shouldn’t you have a plan to pursue your financial goals?

A Financial Plan is more than just a review of your investments. It is a comprehensive assessment of your entire financial position and strategies to help you pursue your financial goals.

So what else do I get?

  • Help to Avoid Simple Mistakes. Working with someone who has looked at a wide variety of scenarios means you can leverage the experience and knowledge of others. Knowing ahead of time what common mistakes to avoid is immensely valuable. You only get one chance to get it right, so why not seek to do it right?
  • Save Your Time. Becoming a specialist in multiple fields takes time and effort. Use professionals who already work full time in areas such as budgeting, investments, debt, insurance, taxes and estate planning. It is faster, easier and may offer a better outcome. 
  • See what you cannot or will not see. Money is emotional. Emotions change when we have money vs when you don’t. An unemotional assessment of your financial position and strategies can provide fresh perspective that may prove invaluable in your pursuit of your financial goals. 

What does it cost?

  • A Flat Fee. We charge a flat fee based on the complexity of your personal situation. This means no sales pressure or product pitch. Just advice and guidance based on your situation. Contact our office for a copy of our printed Financial Planning Fee Schedule or email or call today 650-458-0312 and learn more. 

Avoid wasting your time and effort with trial and error, establish your personal Financial Plan today!