Financial Planning

Then shouldn't you have a plan to pursue your financial goals?

Like a recipe, a blue print or a lesson plan, a financial plan is about putting together the different ingredients, materials or exercises in a way that helps you better pursue your goals. 

If you want to retire one day. If you want to help a child with higher education goals. If want to minimize your taxes. If want to leave a legacy. If you want to just improve your understanding of your own finances? Then a financial plan can help. 

And unlike easily throwing out and starting again when a recipe goes wrong, there is rarely a "do over" with major financial decisions. Getting your finances wrong can have lasting impact.

How does it work?

How does it work?

We start by listening. Then together we, similar to recipe, follow a planning process. 

A financial plan is more than just a review of your investments. A plan is organizing where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow and creating strategies on how to get from here to there. The goal is to help you put different parts together and see the whole picture. 

Best part of all, our planning process is flexible. We offer full financial plans, topical plans such as just retirement or hourly consulting for those needing more of a "financial coach". 

Bottom-line, you can leave everything as is today. We do not require you to open any accounts.

Three reasons planning makes sense.

Three reasons planning makes sense.

1) Avoid Simple Mistakes. Working with someone who has already looked at a wide variety of scenarios, means you can leverage their experience. Learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them.

2) Save Time. Becoming a specialist in multiple fields takes time and effort. Use professionals who work full time in areas such as budgeting, investments, debt, insurance, taxes and estate planning. It is faster, easier and may offer a better outcome.

3) See what you cannot or will not see. Money is emotional. An impartial assessment of your financial position and current strategies can provide fresh perspective. Perspective that may prove invaluable in the pursuit of your financial goals. 

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Stop wasting your time and effort with trial and error.

Get a professional plan started today!

Someone is sitting in the shade today,

because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

- Warren Buffett.

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