Long Term Care

What are the chances?

Chance you will have an auto accident?

About 1 in 52. That’s about a 2% chance or 0.02.1

Chance your home will experience a fire?

About 1 in 335. That’s about 1/3 of one percent or 0.003.2

Chance you will need long term care?

About 1 in 1.4. That's about 70%.3

Greater than a 50/50 flip of the coin...

If you are like most people you have either heard about someone needing long term care or have been involved yourself with a family member. It is a reality of life that we all get older. So if the chance is greater than an auto accident or house fire, then wouldn't you be prudent to explore a long term care policy? 

Of course you have options. Spend your savings. Rely on your spouse, who may be aging. Ask your children, yet they may be busy with family and career. Ask your siblings or extended family. Ask your friends.

Alternatively, you can help retain more choice and greater independence later on by planning now. 

“So when should I look at a long term care policy?”

Before you need it. When you are healthy. When it may be cheaper. 

Despite our best wishes and our efforts to delay, we all get older. Things just start to not work so well. Costs and coverage's change as you get older, so why wait? 

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"Can I afford long term care?"

Long Term Care policies premiums vary. Finding the right policy that balances affordability and coverage is no small task.

Over the last few years, there have been many changes in policies. Yet what has remained constant is the continued growth in expense of paying for a long term care event. From home care to nursing homes all have seen increases in costs. 

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