Long Term Care

Would you drive your car or own your home and not have auto or home insurance?

What is the chance you will have an auto accident?

       About 1 in 52. That’s about a 2% chance or 0.02.1

What is the chance your home will experience a fire?

       About 1 in 335. That’s about 1/3 of one percent or 0.003.2

What is the chance you will need long term care? 

       About 1 in 1.4. That's about 70%.3

If you ever thought seriously about quitting your job and retiring one day, you probably also thought about your health and your medical coverage needs when you are older.

A significant threat to any comfortable retirement income can be a long term care event.

If you plan on retiring and you consider the probability of a long term care event, would it not be smarter to plan and prepare?

“So when should I plan and prepare for long term care?”

Before you need it, when you are healthy and when it may be more affordable.

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Long Term Care Guide

"Can I afford long term care?"

There have been many changes over the years resulting in different policies and options.

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Long Term Care Guide

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