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Successfully navigating the financial landscape of San Francisco Bay Area requires local, professional guidance. At New Stage Investment Group® we are committed to being your local, trusted financial advisor, conveniently located in San Mateo. So whether you work in San Francisco or San Jose or anywhere in between our local, central location ensures easy one-on-one accessibility by phone, text, email, video or in person.

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Understanding the Role of a Financial Advisor

In the competitive financial environment of San Francisco partnering with an experienced, knowledgeable financial advisor is pivotal. At New Stage Investment Group® our fiduciary focused firm offers a Certified Financial Planner with over 20 years of experience delivering a holistic approach tailored to helping bay area investors reach their financial goals and solving real world money problems. As San Francisco financial advisors nearby, we understand the unique combination of high living expenses, tech driven wealth creation and the high taxes of California that affect local investors and their retirement.

Comprehensive Financial Services

A. Retirement Planning San Francisco

In the dynamic San Francisco Bay area economy, retirement planning must be addressed, and the earlier the better. Our strategies, include both traditional investments and advanced wealth management while addressing the Bay Area's high cost of living and how to build and sustain a robust retirement fund. As your Bay Area financial advisor, we specialize in early retirement planning including concentrated stock wealth, tax smart strategies, risk management and maximizing government and employer benefits.

B. Portfolio Management Strategies

Crafting a personal investment portfolio tailored to your financial goals, position, and comfort with risk is a cornerstone of our services. Our integrated, plan based approach helps manage all your investments together whether taxable savings, IRA and 401k retirement accounts or employer stock option incentives. We deliver on-going monitoring for both strategic and tactical adjustments to better capitalize on market opportunities. Our emphasis on transparency, simplicity and client communication with regular performance reviews and consultations helps put clients on a better financial path.

C. 401k Rollover and IRA Rollover Education

Navigating the complexities of what to do with old 401k and retirement plans is made simpler with our education only focused guidance. Changing jobs is a common occurrence for bay area tech employees. Our flat fee financial planning and educational approach helps ensure a seamless transition during job changes or retirement. We bring a comprehensive, plan based decision approach to deciding what to do with your old retirement plan balances and if you decide on a change, assistance in transferring funds, minimizing tax mistakes, and coordinating investments.

d. Investment Tax Management San Francisco

Maximizing tax efficiency is crucial. California has some of the highest taxes in the country. We don't file tax returns which is backward looking. Instead, we focus on forward looking planning and work to help manage your future investment related tax bills. Through our guidance San Francisco Bay area employees and early retirees can become more strategic in their planning, managing liabilities, and minimize surprises during tax season.

B. Estate Planning Services

Building wealth takes a lot of effort, discipline, and persistence. Protect and pass on your hard earned wealth through a collaborative estate planning service. We help clients better understand the intricacies of common estate documents such as wills, trusts, and power of attorneys. A comprehensive, integrated plan beyond just investments can help ensure a smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation while managing tax liabilities and wasteful estate costs.

Why Choose New Stage Investment Group® ?

Why Choose New Stage Investment Group® ?

  • Experienced and Certified Financial Advisors: Our team is dedicated to your success. Independent and delivering a personalize planning process across different areas for wealth management.  

  • A Fiduciary Focus:  Flat fee financial planning and fee-based investment management services means transparent costs and flexibility of service. Be assured financial advice is focused on you, our client.

  • Local Expertise: Personal knowledge of San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the Bay Area's unique financial demands means we know what it means to live, thrive and even retire a bit early.

Certified Financial Planner Near Me

Your search for a Certified Financial Planner “near me” is over…New Stage Investment Group® is your partner for proactive financial planning in the Bay Area's competitive environment. We look forward to helping guide you toward a more secure and prosperous financial future. Contact us today to start your journey of greater financial success and peace of mind with your trusted San Francisco financial advisor.

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