Company Retirement Plans

Need a better retirement plan for your company?

How long since you compared the costs and fees of your company retirement plan? Are you overpaying? Are you dealing with poor service or technology? Has employee education deteriorated or simply become non existent?

You can do better.  Your company sponsored retirement plan is an important benefit for employees, key staff and owners.

If you skip or put off reviewing your plan, you may be throwing money down the drain on excessive fees and needlessly putting up with lousy service. All this does is hurt you and your employees retirement. 

Retirement plans are not cheap. The service shouldn't be either. 

Hidden costs of a poorly run retirement plan

Low participation

<strong>Low participation</strong>

Getting employees together and encouraging participation can sometimes feel like herding cats. Low participation can lead to more problems such as failed testing or disgruntled employees.

Poor service

<strong>Poor service</strong>

No one likes paying for something and then getting less than they expect. A company retirement plan costs money. Make sure your plan is priced right and the service you receive is what you expect.

Legal requirements

<strong>Legal requirements</strong>

Department of Labor, ERISA laws and your fiduciary obligation all take an interest in you and your company’s retirement plan. None of these are fun nor simple topics. If you don’t have the time to remain current, know getting it wrong could be costly.

Investment choices

<strong>Investment choices</strong>

This is your retirement. Having access to and selecting the right investment for your goals may make all the difference. Would you like better choices? Would you like more education about your choices from a financial advisor?

Social Security does not pay 100% of retirement. Employer plans are critical.

First step to fixing your plan is a plan review. 

Our retirement plan review examines a variety of issues. We deliver a written report.  You are already paying for a company retirement plan, why not get a no obligation review to see what, if anything can be improved?

By the way, it is free and actually periodically required.

Don't believe us? Learn what the IRS says you have to do...

Better understand your fiduciary responsibility with a free guide from the IRS. Download your copy of Meeting Your Fiduciary Responsibilities (click download here) from the IRS website. The IRS gives it to you for free! (Visit IRS website)

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