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Social Security

Know your Options

So when should you file for your Social Security? Did you know your age, marital status, additional sources of income, taxes and even your expected health can all play a part in your decision on when and how to best file for your benefits?

As a U.S. Government guaranteed lifetime source of retirement income, an election once made can be irreversible and have long term effects on your financial strength in retirement. 

Maximize Your Benefits

If you want to maximize your guaranteed government benefit, then knowing how your benefits can vary on just a few qualifiers may add more to your retirement income and thereby helping you enjoy greater security and comfort in retirement. 

After all, you have paid into the system through your taxes all your working years, why not maximize what you can get back!

Get started today with a complimentary copy of our

12 Myths and Facts about Social Security

Making your decision based on what a colleague or friend decided may not be the best choice for you. The laws recently changed and likely will continue to be updated over the coming years. Why not start today and get answers about what makes the most sense for you!