Social Security Planning

Thinking about filing?

Social Security is a guaranteed lifetime source of income for your retirement. Paid monthly by the Federal government, you earn or qualify for social security benefits during your working years. Social Security is designed to help support you in retirement. Social Security is not designed to pay for everything when you retire. When to file and how to best maximize your social security is a once in a lifetime decision. We can help you get it right. 

When should I file?

When should I file?

Should you file for Social Security now or wait? Well that all depends.

Are you married, divorced or never married? How is your health? Do you have other income? Are you going to continue working? What about taxes today vs in the future? Does it make sense to file for social security and then invest the money if you don't need it?

We can help you learn about the rules and the different options avaliable so you can make a better decision on when to file for social security.

How can I maximize my benefit?

How can I maximize my benefit?

You have paid into the system for years, why not try to maximize what you get?

Your strategy will be dependent on your financial position, needs and goals. Do not do what family or friends did when they retired. You are different. 

Look at various "what if" scenarios. Should you file today or wait? When should you start your pension? What about withdrawing from retirement accounts such as a 401k or IRA? A smarter strategy balances needs today with goals for tomorrow.

Maximizing your social security benefit may not only add more income to your retirement years, but also give you greater comfort and security.

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Heard conflicting things about social security?

Request our free report on 12 Myths and Facts about Social Security. Should you file early or delay? What is and is not tax free? Still working and thinking about starting social security? Learn more so you can make a better decision.

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