Social Security

Thinking about filing?

Know Your Options

Wondering when you should file for your Social Security? Now or wait? Are you married? Divorced? Single? How's your health? Taxes? Should you invest it and keep working? All these considerations play a role in when and how to best file for your social security benefit. 

Social Security is a U.S. Government guarantee lifetime source of income in your retirement. Your decision, once made, can become irreversible and have a long term impact on your finances in retirement.

You have options. You should know what they are before you decide. 

Maximize Your Benefits

You have paid into the system all these years, why not maximize what you get back!

Exploring different strategies can help you make a better decision. You are unique. Your situation and needs are unique. A smarter strategy will help you balance your needs for today and your goals for tomorrow.

Maximize your guaranteed benefit. Discover how to potentially add more income to your retirement years. Help yourself pursue greater security and a little more comfort in retirement.

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12 Myths and Facts about Social Security.

Social Security is arguably one of the most important financial decisions you will make about your retirement. Laws have changed. Laws will likely continue to change over the coming years. Separate fact from fiction.