Social Security Planning

Thinking about filing?

Social Security is a guarantee lifetime source of income from the U.S. Government. It is designed to help support your retirement, but not pay for everything. Your decision once made, can become irreversible and therefore have a lasting impact on your income in retirement.

Here are two of the most common questions we hear: 

When should I file?

When should I file?

Should you file for Social Security now or wait? Well that depends.

Are you married, divorced or never married? How's your health? What are your taxes like? If you did file, would you continue working and earning income? Does it make sense to file and then invest the money? These and other considerations play a role in how to best file for social security. 

We can help you learn about the rules and the different options that may affect your filing decision.

How can I maximize my benefit?

How can I maximize my benefit?

You have paid into the system for many years, so why not maximize what you get back!

Your strategy should be dependent on your financial position and your needs, not on what friends or family did when they filed.

We work to show you different "what if" scenario's so you can compare. A smarter strategy should help balance your needs for today and your goals for tomorrow. Exploring different scenario's can help you make a better decision and avoid costly mistakes.  

Bottom line, maximizing your social security benefit can add more income to your retirement years. Giving you greater peace of mind and more financial security.

Not sure where to start?

Start by separating fact from fiction with our free report. 

12 Myths and Facts about Social Security. 

Social Security is arguably one of the most important financial decisions you will make about your retirement.

Laws have changed. Laws will likely continue to change. 

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