Client Enhancements

At New Stage Investment Group­®, we continually invest and seek ways to simplify and improve our clients experience. We work to add new services with a focus on making it easier to work together as well as strengthen our long-term relationships.

No more paper forms to sign - Electronic signatures.

An enhanced signing and document submission process is now available! As a client, we can now streamline some of the most common operational forms and needed paperwork with no additional cost and saving you time. No more faxing, mailing, and missed phone calls. You can even sign from mobile devices!

Save paper and reduce clutter at home - Paperless confirmations and statements.

Tired of too much paper? Looking to be a bit more green? Maybe just reduce the paper at home? Go green and set up your account to go paperless. You can do this all online through your LPL Account View.

Don't wait on a check - Move money quickly and easily with ACH on Demand.

If you think you may have a need to move money into and out of your LPL account, why not set up your accounts to accomplish transfers easily with no cost via ACH? There’s no need to pay bank wire fees or wait on a check.

Avoid IRA RMD errors - Automate your required minimum distributions for your IRA.

Set up your IRA to have your RMD's ( Required Minimum Distribution's) automatically calculated and transferred to another account you specify. It's easy and simple.

Streamline your statements - Combine multiple statements into one.

Do you have multiple accounts? Reduce your mail and combine multiple statements into one mailing. Just let us know and we can be sure to streamline your statement delivery.

Use TurboTax? Cut down your data entry and reduce the chance of errors.

Directly import some of the most common tax forms from LPL Financial directly into your personal TurboTax program. Download our how-to directions 2019/2020 Turbo Tax Guide.