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Even Olympians have coaches.

Ever wonder why Olympians have coaches?

No disrespect, but coaches probably can't run faster or jump higher than those they why? Experience and perspective. Arguably one of the more important aspects when trying to compete. It is also known as getting your head right.

In the Olympics, the difference between first and second place is very often measured not in minutes but seconds, if not less than a second. In investing, success is frequently measured in basis points or parts of one percentage. And yet success in investing is also measured in whether or not you reach your goal. Likewise doesn't really matter how fast you can run over a short distance if the race long.

What is your finish line? Or said another way, what are your investing goals?

If you want to work one-on-one, in person to help improve your chances of financial independence, then we can help.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Investing your money does not have to be overly complex with fancy charts and confusing language. In fact, we believe in the opposite.

You should understand what you own.

Your investment process should be both sophisticated to take advantage of opportunities yet simple to understand. While there is a lot that happens when investing money, we have simplified our process into four main steps.

Our Process

Our Process

First we start with a personal conversation. We seek to learn about you, your financial goals, needs, wants, experience and of course your worries and concerns when investing.

Next we put together a personal investment strategy and investment portfolio that considers a wide variety of inputs including your goals, timeline, willingness to take on risk, the markets, economy, performance, taxes and expenses.

Next we introduce and discuss your strategy and recommended portfolio. We work to help you understand not only what you may own and why, but also why you might sell. Once agreed, we will implement your strategy.

Finally, we monitor your portfolio with regular reviews to keep you informed and on track. Recommendations for changes may occur throughout the year or when your needs and goals change.

Our Difference

Our Difference

Investment management within a larger financial plan context.

Multiple account planning, coordination, and management.  

Customized portfolio designed to serve your individual needs and requirements.

Independent access, screening and monitoring of multiple leading investment providers.

Use of lower cost and tax efficient investment products and strategies.

Integrated employer & concentrated stock guidance.

Insurance, estate and longer-term family wealth management.

Household Minimum: $250,000. 


Guess who Olympians turn to for advice, encouragement and enthusiasm?

Their coach. 

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