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About Us

 What kind of trip do you want to have?

 If you wanted to drive from San Francisco to New York City, would you just jump in a car and start driving east or would you seek out a map and plan your route? Most of us would seek out a map and then plan our route. Yet when it comes to managing our financial affairs, many people just start driving and hope for the best. We believe that in order to get where you want to go, you need to start with a map and create a plan. 

How good is your plan?

For a map or plan to do any good, whether for a road trip or your financial future, you must first have two pieces of information clearly defined. One, where you are now and two, where you want to go. In our initial meetings with new clients, we often hear something like “I know I am here on the West Coast and I want to go to the East Coast someday”. The good news is you have a big target, bad news you may end up someplace you didn't imagine was possible. So our first step is to help refine goals and plans into “I am in downtown San Francisco today and I want to go to New York City in six months. I want to take about three weeks. Along the way I want to stop off and visit my cousins in Denver and then some friends in Chicago. Of course, I have always wanted to see Boston as well, so I may swing by as I get closer to New York, but right now I am not sure”. We believe a tailored plan paired with experienced execution leads to a better outcome.

Life happens and plans change, are you ready?

Yet even with a great map and a well laid out plan, a person may get lost or even forced onto a detour, sometimes  through no fault of their own. There may be unexpected delays due to traffic or even an accident. There may be a big snowstorm in the Rockies or a heavy rainstorm in Illinois that forces one to slow down and take a detour. Having an experienced guide that knows the roads, the turns, and where to hunker down during trouble can mean the difference between potentially reaching your destination and being left on the side of the road.   

Three sentences of who we are.

We are a private practice that serves a number of great people who are our clients. We seek to provide exceptional on-going financial advice based on a comprehensive financial plan designed to change with our clients needs and goals over a lifetime. Our clients are relieved to find that what is a new and unfamiliar road for them is often a well-known and commonly travelled road to us and that helps our clients seek their destination. 

Curious to know if we are right for you?

Working with a financial advisor is an important decision. So, you might want to take a look at Our Beliefs. You can also check out some videos we put together about the kinds of people we can help here.