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If you wanted to drive from San Francisco to New York, would you jump in your car and start driving? Probably not. Being smart you would sit down and plan your trip.Yet what is obviously smart to do when planning a long road trip, is unfortunately not too common when planning money.

Many people just start driving and hope for the best. We work to help change that. We believe that in order to get where you want to go, you need to start with a map and plan your trip.

How good is your plan?

How good is your plan?

For any map to be any good, you need two pieces of information. One, where you are now. Two, where you want to go.

Very often we hear financial plans akin to, “I know I am here on the West Coast. I really hope to go to the East Coast someday”. The good news is you have a big target. The bad news you may end up someplace you didn't imagine was possible.

Our first step is to help you refine your goals. Think, “I am in downtown San Francisco today and I want to go to New York City in six months. I want to take about three weeks. Along the way I want to stop off and visit my cousins in Denver and then some friends in Chicago. Of course, I have always wanted to see Boston as well, so I may swing by as I get closer to New York, but right now I am not sure”. We believe a tailored plan, paired with experienced execution, leads to a better outcome.

Life happens are you ready?

Life happens are you ready?

Even with a great map and a well laid out plan, you may find yourself lost. Sometimes you may be forced onto a detour; sometimes through no fault of your own.  There may be a snowstorm in the Rockies or traffic outside of Chicago or maybe an accident or even all three along the way.

We bring the experience to help guide you along the roads, navigate the turns, and of course support you when you have to pull over and figure a new route. We work to be the difference between potentially reaching your destination and being left on the side of the road.

Friendly Tip: Don't drive looking backwards!

Friendly Tip: Don't drive looking backwards!

Whatever you do, don’t drive looking backwards! The road ahead may not look like the ones you have already seen.

What you saw happen with your parents, friends, neighbors or colleagues may or many not happen for you. You are unique. Your plans should be as well. Besides the windshield defects the wind, rain and dirt, and makes for a far more enjoyable trip! 

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