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Next Stage Income

We believe in the concept of financial independence as it matters most to our clients—by working with your income and resources today to pursue the long-term, sustainable income for tomorrow.

Life is an evolving process with many different stages along the way and transitions are as natural as the changing seasons. Whether it’s income for the next stage of your career, or changing jobs and coordinating your retirement income stream, or planning for your retirement, we can recommend optimal structures for your portfolio to complement each stage of your life.

If you’re like most people, qualified-retirement plans, Social Security, and personal savings and retirement investments are expected to play a role long-term. Once you have estimated the amount of money you may need for retirement, a sound approach involves taking a close look at your potential retirement-income sources. With so much at stake through each stage, we can assist in reviewing and helping you make the best investment decisions by gauging the tradeoffs of risk and reward.

Effective long-term retirement planning also enables you to manage your affairs during your lifetime and control the distribution of your wealth for generations to come. An effective long-term plan can spell out your healthcare wishes, set up insurances to help protect you and your family, or support your tax situation and develop the right plan to manage significant concentrations of your wealth in any area.

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